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Hi, I’m Audrey Groothuis, Founder/Creative Director of personalized dreidel bags.

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I’ve always enjoyed getting to know other brands, and the people behind them, so let me introduce you to my dreidel bags.

It’s about making sure Jewish kids have decorations and something that will inspire them during Hanukkah. It’s about developing family rituals that can be enjoyed and continued over generations. That’s how the Personalized Dreidel bag was born. Working full time as a graphic designer, in addition to being a full time mom, I was limited on time but with determination, dedication and a very understanding husband, I taught myself to sew and came up with the first prototype. And, once I perfected the stitching it was full steam ahead.

My vision has always been to put a smile on a child’s face while creating lasting positive memories and I believe my personalized dreidel bags do that.

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Like any new venture there has been a big learning curve, mainly because there’s nothing else like this product on the market. I know I have a lot more to learn moving forward but with my wonderful support system I know I’ll succeed. Finding the right help has been a challenge because the stitching is so unusual but I found a local seamstress to help me sew these dreidel bags. So please be aware that when you are purchasing a personalized dreidel bag you are supporting local individuals and families behind this product.

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